Electronics & Communication Engineering

The advancements in microelectronics, satellite and optical fibre technology, analog and digital communication techniques have resulted in developing complex electronics devices, circuits and equipment capable of implementing fast and efficient telecommunication systems. Penetration of electronics & communication has now revolutionized other areas like health care, instrumentation, automation, remote sensing, signal processing etc. The department offers degree course Electronics & Communication Engg.’. The curricula of both the courses includes core Electronics subjects. The ‘Electronics & Telecommunication’ course focuses on the latest subjects in communication field. The department has advanced laboratories to give practical training to the students on emerging areas. Some of the advanced Softwares available are Microwind, SCILAB with different toolboxes, Multisim. The department offers expertise to the students backed by audiovisual teaching aids. Multimedia CDs on various technical subjects, industrial training facility and industry institute interface are made available to the students. It is normal practice to host seminars, workshops, guest lectures of eminent personalities in the related field.