Mechanical Engineering

Over the decades, there is an increasing demand for the mechanical engineers in core areas like manufacturing, robotics, automotive/transportation and air conditioning. Mechanical engineering can design and develop everything one thinks of as a machine – from bicycles to supersonic fighter jets. Mechanical Engineering plays most important role in the industrial growth. To meet the above requirements, the latest subjects like Industrial Fluid Power, Computational Fluid Dynamics, CAD/CAM and Energy Audit & Management are introduced into the curriculum of Mechanical Engineering. To cope up with these subjects practically, department has set well equipped & computerized laboratories like Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Dynamics of machinery, Theory of Machine, I.C. Engines, CAD/CAM Laboratory with Advanced software like AutoCAD, CREO, SCILAB etc, which are utilized by undergraduate students for conducting experiments. Mechanical Engineers can take career paths in industry, Entrepreneur/Business Owner, Research Labs, Military, Government sector and PSU’S.