Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR)

"We are made wise not by the recollection of our past,
But by the responsibility for our future"

- George Bernard Shaw

In a rapidly changing world, the aforementioned credential brilliantly stated by critic and dramatist, G.B. Shaw, may hold true not only for individuals, but also for societies as a whole. The so-called knowledge society is ever more so in need of intellectual capital - well-educated people, not only equipped with knowledge and skills, but also with competences that enable them to analyse new situations and problems, ask relevant questions and find adequate solutions.

We at LIT, Sarigam consider that lifelong learning is also part of this changing paradigm. We will increasingly find more LITians who have practical experience on the job and whose prior learning experience can include formal, non-formal and informal learning. A growing number of problems cannot be solved by specialists of single disciplines alone, but through collaboration with other disciplines and their co-operation. At LIT, we have tried to incorporate all the above technicalities in our day to day routine by encouraging our students to fulfil their social responsibility.

Let us share a few memorable moments with you:

Our 1st year students had to visit the nearby community as a part of bridge-course and just survey the village, but on reaching there, they became aware of the problems faced by the villagers. Most of the villagers faced the harsh winters without proper arrangements to ward-off the cold. Our students, after some brainstorming, decided to bring those dried branches and twigs from the nearby areas for fuel and were much appreciated by the villagers. The girls similarly helped some aged women in the community by helping them cook food.

We at LIT, Sarigam hope that, amongst the scenic beauty of greenery and mountains surrounding us, we have provided a creative and inspiring atmosphere allowing new ideas to arise and good practices to be exchanged.

The major activities that have been performed under this programme with the help of NSS-LIT are:

3 Days Shram Daan Shivir at Zhankvav, Bardoli for Aadivasi group which consisted of Samuh Lagna(marriage ceremony) of 201 couples & 61 Couple Organized by Gaytri Pariwar,Bardoli.

121 trees planted in campus

61 trees planted on Guru Purnima, 2015

101 trees planted on Rakshabandhan with RPF team Vapi,2015

151 trees planted in LIT-NSS' adopted village Mohangam.

Weekend programme successfully done from 15th-21st June for International day of Yoga

Women Awakening Programme organised on Youth Awareness Day declared by Govt. of Gujarat i.e. 11th Sep 2015.

Hearts Cup - Football tournament organized by NSS-LIT in campus for the purpose of finding hidden talents among our students

Vir Yodha Cup - Kabaddi tournament organized by NSS-LIT in campus

Swachhta Abhiyan on 2nd October at Bhilad station 2015; and every month thereafter.

Vyasan Mukti Din celebrated by NSS-LIT at Valsad (aided by Shri Urmil Bhai, Jyotir, Laxmikant Bhai, Nirajbhai etc.)

Arranging various seminars at four schools situated in NSS-LIT's adopted village (Theme : Importance of education in our life)

Workshop on D-Addiction organised by NSS-LIT at Mohangam village.