LIT believes to inculcate the all round development of each student. The students from first year to final year are encouraged to be the part of any of the clubs and contribute. The objective of the formation of these clubs is to enhance hidden skills of students and give a platform to shine as a star. This helps in building their morale, character and also relives them from the pressure of academics. Students are encouraged to contact to the faculty coordinators with their innovative refreshing ideas to celebrate each day.

1. Drama Club
Objective: Aesthetic education is one of the important areas in the total development of the child. Acting skills reflect an individual’s passion, emotion and the creativity. The main of Drama Club is to develop and enhance the hidden acting skills and to cultivate the creative talent of each student. The mission is to promote knowledge of theatre practices through involvement in various activities, events, and performances. The Club actively participates in day to day issues and promotes social awareness through street plays and drama at various eminence place of competition.
Coordinator: Prof. Hiren Patel,EE

2. Art and Craft Club
Objective: Art and Craft club provides an opportunity to the students to let their imagination run wild and provides them with the sight to see things in a different way. Students learn from one another and share their prowess in different aspects of art. Through the studyof the arts and other means of human expression the quality of human life can be enriched. The clubs composes of Art works like sketching, drawing in real times, painting, rangoli and craft works like paper craft, pottery and clay modeling.
Coordinator: Prof. Priyanka Patel,ECE

3. Music Club:
Objective: Music is an inevitable element of anyone’s daily life from chirping of the birds early morning or the rhythm of train to the college, weaving its beauty and emotion through our thoughts, activities and memories. The Music club encourages the talents in music either Instrumental or vocal and helps students to retain and enhance their own passion of music along with the daily academic learning. This is a gathering where students adhere to jam, learn and love the music of different flavours the club participates in all the cultural activities of the college and also in the inter-college and intra-university competitions and events.
Coordinator: Prof. Vrunda Patel,CSE

4. Dance Club:
Objective: The Dance clubs have the mission of bringing out the hidden talents among students and providing them a stage where they can showcase their dancing talent and interest. It also provides a platform to all those students who wanted to learn new dance forms. The Team of dance club is ever growing and is determined to prove their aesthetics in all forms of dance and competitions.
Coordinator: Prof. Kavita Joshi, CSE

5. Literature club:
Objective: The Literature club envisions the worldly platform to the student who wishes to enthral the audience of their life with stories, poetry and writing. It promises to cultivate and develops an elite culture in the individual. This clubs aims to develop and enhance self–efficacy and confidence to fight the hardest spontaneity of life. This nurtures the creative thirst and sculpts the raw potential of Young Ignited Minds. opportunities to liberate their thoughts and develop skills to speak their minds in different ways. The club provides a substantial and unrestricted foundation for students to explore the world beyond the technology.
Coordinator: Prof. Biskita Panchal

6. Photography and Movie Making Club
Objective: The still of picture speaks louder than any word forms. This club aims in improving students' skills with cameras and related workflow software’s involved in editing and publishing. This evolves as a platform to students’ as an outlet to show off their creativity and receive compliments and constructive criticism to develop oneself. The students of the club contributes throughout the year with the participation in capturing the memories of the events.
Coordinator: Prof. S.Kannan, HOD, EE

7. Sports & Yoga Club
Objective: The main aim of the Sports and Yoga Club is to connect and transform your mind and body to achieve optimum wellness. This club of passionate students driven to help guide all to achieve through the levels of a unique journey towards a active and peaceful life. Sports develop strong bonding, Spirit of team strength and a healthy culture of participation with the thrive of being successful together so that student's should practice mental and physical hygiene and to possess emotional stability with integration of moral values.
Coordinator: Mr. Hariprasad Patel, Sports officer