Cultural Forum

Objective: Basically this forum aims at showcasing the inner talent of the students. Objective of this forum is to enhance hidden skills of students and give exposure to them. It provides platform to the students.

1. Acting & Drama Club
Objective: The main aim of Acting & Drama Club is to develop and enhance the hidden acting skills and to cultivate the creative talent of each student. The mission is to promote knowledge of theatre practices through involvement in various activities, events, and performances.
Coordinator: Mr. Hiren Patel
Faculty: Mr Akshay Patel, Mr Hardik Soneria, Dr Dhaval Patel, Mr Ketan Vyas

2. Art and Craft Club
Objective: All the activities of the Arts and Crafts group always have something new, creative and innovative. It gives exposure to students about Fine Arts and Commercial Arts so that they are encouraged.
Coordinator: Miss Priyanka Patel
Faculty: Ms Sita Singh, Ms Siddhi Desai

3. Dancing Club
Objective: The club was established with the mission of bringing out the hidden talents among students and providing them a stage where they can showcase their dancing talent and interest. Italsoprovides a platform to all those students who wanted to learn new dance forms.
Coordinator: Miss Kavita Joshi
Faculty: Ms Sita Singh, Ms Priyanka Patel, Mr Nirmal Vijay

4. Painting Club
Objective: Paint Club is an informal network open to anyone with an interest in painting. Painting here is regarded as an expanding field.Painting Club aims at encouraging and enhancing art, discovering new talents and sowing the seed of artistic zest among students.
Coordinator: Mrs. Sita Signh, Ms Siddhi Desai
Faculty: Mr Hardik Soneria, Mr Lomesh Mahajan, Ms Priyanka Patel

5. Rangoli Club
Objective: Rangoli is a traditional art of our society. In this, we are going to encourage students to do the rangoli in the artistic way. Not only the traditional, but also the modern techniques of rangoli will be learned.
Coordinator: Miss. Priyanka Patel
Faculty: Ms Siddhi Desai

6. Singing Club
Objective: The Club focuses on bringing out the singing talents and providing them a stage to perform. With this activity, interested students can improve and excel themselves.
Coordinator: Miss Vrunda Patel
Faculty: Mr Akshay Patel, Mr Ravi Patel, Dr Dhaval Patel