Applied Science

Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities is one of the indispensable departments of Engineering. The Department imparts excellent quality education in the area of Applied Science (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Science etc.) and Humanities (Communication Skills, English etc.) for the future technocrats of all streams and enhances innovative thinking among the students. It also provides the students with new and revised in-house manuals and question banks in different disciplines for the students. The Department has well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Numerical analysis, and English Language.

We strongly believe that in today's world a student must lay immense stress on developing his mental and physical abilities and for the development of these abilities the institute provides its students with a number of opportunities to participate in the various cultural and co-curricular activities held throughout the year. The department aims to build an engineer with a strong moral and character that will lead him to be an exceptional engineer on the field.