Mechanical Engineering - Laboratory
Thermo-dynamics Lab

Thermodynamics is a science of energy transfer and its effect on physical properties of substances. It is based upon observations of common experiences of energy (mainly heat) transfer. Thermodynamic laws have been formulated based on these experiences. In this course, work and heat transfer with changes in associated properties is studied based on laws of thermodynamics.

Thermal Engineering -1 / Thermal Engineering-2 Lab

In industry, the mechanical engineers are supposed to operate and maintain thermal equipment. This course will provide the basic knowledge of thermal engineering which will function as foundation in applications in major fields of mechanical engineering and technology notably in steam and nuclear power plants.

Theory of Machines Lab

The mechanical engineers/technicians are supposed to manage functioning of equipment with proper planning, operation and maintenance of equipment. Such a functional requirement needs knowledge and skills of various motion and force transforming mechanisms and devices, such as four bar mechanism, belt pulley, clutches, flywheel, etc. This lab provides knowledge about various machines and its mechanisms used in industries.


CAD lab of mechanical engineering programme are mainly involved in modeling, designing, manufacturing, inspection and planning activities. For all such activities, reference document is the modeling and drawing of component or assembly, to be manufactured. This laboratory includes highly configured Computers with CAM software and CNC Turn.

Metrology & Instrumentation Lab

This lab of Metrology & Instrumentation provides required knowledge and skills and creates self confidence in students so that they can work on shop floor independently for accurate and precise measurements and manufacturing.

Thermal System And Energy Conservation Lab

This Laboratory includes Instrument like Thermal Conductivity, Critical Heat Flux Apparatus, Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus, Heat Transfer Through Pin fin Method, Emissivity Measurements, and Heat Transfer through natural and forced Convection and Composite walls