Does the library have an Advisory Committee? Specify the composition of such a committee. What significant initiatives have been implemented by the committee to render the library, student/user friendly?

LIBRARY COMMITTEE: - All the activities of the library are governed by a committee that comprised of heads of the departments, director and other members involved.

01 Director Chairman
02 Principal (Diploma) Member
03 HOD (CSE) Member
04 HOD (IT) Member
06 HOD (ECE) Member
07 HOD (EE) Member
09 HOD (CIVIL ENGG.) Member
10 Librarian Coordinator

Significant initiatives : -

The library performance is monitored by the committee and also by library users' feedback involving faculty to select and recommend the books in terms of volumes and titles for the development of library.

Monitoring the dates of subscription of various journals and magazines.

Monitoring the usage of library by faculty members and students to advise the Librarian to maintain the backlog issues in proper condition.

Functioning of the Digital Library.

Latest arrivals are displayed on the notice board as well as E-mails are sent to the students.

Infrastructure details:

Total area of the library : 1000

Total seating capacity: 100 nos.

Text books: 19726

Reference Books: 1750

Journals / Periodicals e-resources: 58

Working hours: Working days- 8:20 am-03:30 pm

Procedure to update / procure the books and journals:

HoDs were asked to submit the lists of books, magazines and journals to be purchased with reference to syllabi, curriculum and current needs of the students. The lists are forwarded to the librarian. The librarian compiles the list and gets approval from the Director, who in turn sends the order to the publishers and book sellers. The details of books/journals/e-resources purchased during last four years are as under.

Support and assistance to students and teachers:

Guidance is given to students who compete in various competitive exams, quiz, essay writing etc. Library takes the photocopies of the advertisements given in the newspaper, internet and displays it on the notice board that helps the students.

New arrivals are displayed on the notice board. This helps the students and staff to know the books added in a particular subject in a particular year.